The stroke of each golfer is different and very individual. In order to play better, the equipment should be geared to optimally support the stroke. High-tech racket adaptation for the perfect equipment as well as a racket repair service complete the offer of the Paul Dyer golf school.

This is possible for all guests and for all golf brands.

Driver Fitting from 50,-€

"We'll make you longer!"

Even if you are looking for a new driver, it is important to bring your current driver to the driver fitting, as this will be checked at the beginning and the most important data (Launch Angle, Ball Speed, Spin and Attack Angle) will be determined.

Based on the first Trackman measurements, we can determine suitable specifications to find clues in which you can improve. First, it is important to determine head and shaft specifications and then compare and refine them until the data is clear. Our Fitter then presents the results with a selection of suitable drivers in different classes. Of course, you will also receive your data from us. Ask for our grip-fitting!

Fairway Woods & Hybrid Fitting 50,-€

"Test on the course!"

In order to be properly fitted for fairway woods we need to see your hits on the course. The fairway woods are not only to produce maximum length, but to play from certain situations and situations. Beware of the fairway wood fitting from the mat! As fairway woods are hit in the downslope, very different data can arise when you hit the turf. Of course, you will also receive your data from us. Ask for our grip-fitting!

Iron Fitting 50,-€

"Improve swing errors with fitting!"

First, our fitter observes some blows from you. You hit different targets with longer and shorter irons, so he gets a good impression of your game. Only then will you measure and record beat data with the Trackman Radar.

First, we determine the construction of the irons and lengths are statically recorded and then set dynamically. Here, a PGA Pro as an experienced fitter can actually positively influence your swing tendencies! With Trackman data, the ball flight is further optimized by shaft selection, head shape and weighting. Ask for our grip-fitting!

Wedge Fitting 50,-€

The wedge fitting consists of length control in pitching as well as "Turf Interaction". We determine the correct head and sole cut to optimize your impact tendencies. The ball position, dynamics and hand position in the impact affect how much bounce and which type of sole cut is correct for you!

Putter Fitting 75,-€

Most putter fittings are made indoors via short putts. Not with us! You will be observed on longer putts, shorter putts and break putts to determine your tendencies. Only then does it go to the data of the SAM Puttlab to analyze the detail movement in 28 parameters of your putt movement. The team around Paul Dyer are absolute experts in the short game and promise you the best putter fitting in the whole North!

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