Open vacancies at the Seeschlösschen

You can view the current vacancies at www.hotelcareer.de.

Apprenticeship at the Seeschlösschen

If you are interested in a challenging, high-quality apprenticeship in the upscale hotel industry, then you are invited to apply for an apprenticeship at the 5* superior Grand Hotel Seeschlösschen!

Apprenticeships to be filled annually:

Position Entry date Places Requirements
Restaurantfachmann/-frau 01. August 3 At least Realschulabschluss
Hotelfachmann/-frau 01. August 6 At least Realschulabschluss
Koch/Köchin 01. August 4 At least Realschulabschluss
Kosmetiker/Kosmetikerin 01. August 1 At least Realschulabschluss
Duales Studium mit Bachelor-Abschluss 01. Oktober 5 Abitur

Please send your application documents to the following e-mail address: personal@seeschloesschen.de.

Ms Mixa
Human Resources Development Management

Alternatively by post to:

Grand Hotel Seeschlösschen SPA & Golf Resort
Ms Mixa 

Strandallee 141
23669 Timmendorfer Strand

If you have any questions, Ms Mixa is also available by telephone on +49 (4503) 601-357.

Questions about apprenticeship / studies

Do you have questions about training and dual studies at our company? We have prepared the most frequently asked questions for you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Mixa. 

Questions about apprenticeship

  1. How long does the classic apprenticeship last (hotel specialist, cook, restaurant specialist, beautician)?
  • The apprenticeship generally lasts 3 years. With the Abitur or a very good vocational school certificate and the agreement of the company and the school, the training can be shortened by half a year.
  1. Where is the vocational school located and how is school attendance regulated?
  • The vocational school is located in Neustadt in Holstein, directly at the railway station. In the first year of training, the vocational school is attended twice a week, in the second and third year only once a week. The beauticians attend the vocational school in Burgstraße in Hamburg. Block teaching (several weeks at a time) is planned here.
  1. When do the examinations take place?
  • There is an intermediate examination after about 15 months. The final examination takes place a few months before the end of the training and consists of a theoretical and a practical examination.

Questions about the dual study programme

  1. Are there certain universities with which you cooperate?
  • We cooperate with the DHSH in Lübeck (business administration with a focus on tourism) and the DHBW in Ravensburg (business administration with a focus on hotel and catering management). Information on the theoretical part of the 3-year programme can be found directly on the homepage of the respective university.
  1. What degree does one obtain after the 3 years?
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). If the study programme is completed in Lübeck, you will also obtain the professional qualification of a hotel specialist (Hotelfachmann/der Hotelfachfrau). This examination takes place in the winter before the end of the study programme and is taken at the Lübeck Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

General questions

Can accomodation be provided?

  • The company has staff rooms which are also located in Timmendorfer Strand (walking distance 1.3km or 2.4km, depending on the accommodation).

How far is the beach from the accommodation?

  • Depending on the accommodation, 50m to 1.7km.

What about catering?

  • There are no cooking facilities in the staff rooms. Meals are therefore provided in the hotel.

Can I do my laundry in the staff houses?

  • Washing machines and dryers are sometimes available in the staff accommodation and may be used for a fee. Staff washing machines and dryers are also available in the company.

Are there staff parking spaces?

  • No, there are not. However, there is a large free car park at the entrance to the town. From here it is about a 6-minute walk to the hotel. There are also some free parking spaces in the neighbouring streets. If you come to work by bike, you can park it in a separate place in front of the hotel.

Are work clothes provided and cleaned?

  • Work clothes are sometimes provided. This depends on the respective department and dress code. Each employee is responsible for cleaning and maintaining his or her own clothing.

How many hours a week or days a week do you work?

  • According to the Dehoga contract, it is a 39-hour week or a 5-day week.
Which larger cities are in the surrounding area?
  • Lübeck (20km), Kiel (70km) and Hamburg (80km)
Is there public transport?
  • Timmendorfer Strand has a bus station. Buses depart from here in the direction of Lübeck, Scharbeutz and Travemünde. There is also a train station in Timmendorfer Strand (direction Lübeck or Neustadt).